A house with history

The Mountain Retreat Center has already been for many years a special retreat place. Under the name of "House of Silence" Zen meditation and contemplation were practised there under the guidance of Sister Ludwigis Fabian KounAn, a Benedictine nun, who spent several years in Kamakura/Japan with Master Yamada Roshi, to study and practise Zen buddhism (Sanbo Kyodan line). That is also the reason why there is a beautiful asian style Zendo in the house today. When Sister Ludwigis was authorised from Yamada Roshi as a Zen teacher and sent back to Europe, she was receiving more than several hundreds of students here in this house over almost three decades, who came to learn from and practise with Sister Ludwigis (Zazen, Koan, Dokusan etc.). According to one of her students her teaching was characterised by discipline, clarity and beauty. And by great compassion for her students in helping them to overcome obstacles and develop their potential.


Sister Ludwigis


As we commit ourselves also to studying and practising meditation, we would primarily like to dedicate this house to all people, who want to meditate. Our vision is, to reconnect to the spirit of the past of this house. By providing a place, which enables personal growth. Which offers compassion. And a mindful - and respectful together.